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Our Type 1A Price Guide Featured In Scoop!

By Benjamin Nobel, 11/24/2017

Our Type 1A Price Guide Featured In Scoop

Our Type 1A Price Guide Featured In Scoop, 11/24/2017

Our 2018 Price Guide for 1980’s Marvel & DC Newsstand Canadian Cover Price Variants (Type 1A) has been featured in Gemstone’s “Scoop” (here is a link to the article at!

As the publisher of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, the folks at Gemstone are keenly aware of the history in the hobby of the 1970’s Type 1 Cover Price Variants… and one of our price guide collaborators in particular — Jon McClure — was right in the center of that history.  Interesting how strongly history now “rhymes” with awareness of the 1980’s Type 1A Cover Price Variants!

I find it to be an excellent step in the direction of growing awareness of 1980’s Type 1A Cover Price Variants that key people at Gemstone have now become aware of our project, have come to understand the very specific scope of our project, have now learned more about just what these variants are and why collectors are increasingly coming to understand their collectible appeal, have now learned how — importantly — our project is not competitive to Overstreet but complimentary…  and that ultimately we were approved for Scoop inclusion!

Growth in CGC Census Entries: 5 in 2001, 532 by November 2017.

Growth in CGC Census Entries: 5 in 2001, 532 by November 2017.

Something that speaks volumes about the increasing collector interest in Type 1A cover price variants of the 1980’s is the growing number of CGC-recognized issues/titles that continue to appear on census year after year.  Back in 2001, in the first historical “Census Snapshot” available on Greg Holland’s CGC Data research website, we see that there are a mere 5 issues “broken out” back in 2001: these being Amazing Spider-Man #252, Transformers #1 & #4, and Uncanny X-Men #182 & #205. That’s it! Just five census entries for these variants back in 2001!  Advance forward in time from 2001 to 2004 and we’re up to 24 issues “broken out”, including Secret Wars #8 and Amazing Spider-Man #238; by the end of 2007 the count of broken-out issues had advanced to 58; 164 by the end of 2010, 207 by the end of 2013. But then by the end of 2016, the number of census entries has more than doubled: we reach 415… and fast-forward to the most recent November 2017 census snapshot and we’re up to 532!

Growth in awareness of the 1980’s class of Type 1A Price Variants is riding a wave of increased collector awareness about the newsstand vs. direct edition difference in general; and among collectors who have come to understand this difference between newsstand and direct edition comics, their eventually noticing that there are two types of newsstand comics during a period of time in the 1980’s is basically inevitable…

Timeline: 1980's newsstand comics

Our Scoop inclusion is one more incremental step towards broader awareness of Type 1A Price Variants, and will put our guide in front of a lot of very important people in the hobby… so we’re excited!  🙂

Happy Collecting! 🙂

– Ben p.s.  Since I don’t know how long they archive articles for at Scoop, I have also taken a screenshot of it below:

Scoop 11-24-2017:  Type 1A Cover Price Variant Guide Released

Scoop 11-24-2017: Type 1A Cover Price Variant Guide Released


2 thoughts on “Our Type 1A Price Guide Featured In Scoop!

  1. Zack Gauthier says:

    Great job guys, I have been a voice for years about these price variants and really glad to see the hard work you have done with this. Well deserved.


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