The 2018 Price Guide for 1980’s Marvel & DC Newsstand Canadian Cover Price Variants (Type 1A)

Inaugural 2018 Edition
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This is the 2018 edition — see all price guide editions

Collaborators (alphabetically):

Bill Alexander — Overstreet Advisor, U.S.-published comic book cover price variant specialist and historian. (Contact by email)
Paul Clairmont — Overstreet Advisor and proprietor of
Jon McClure — Senior Overstreet Advisor, comic book historian, discoverer of Marvel 30 and 35 cent variants, and proprietor of
Benjamin Nobel — Project organizer; author of the Rare Comics blog
Doug Sulipa — Senior Overstreet Advisor since guide #2 in 1972, and proprietor of
Angelo Virone — Cover price variant collector and historian. (Contact by email)

Many thanks to the collaborators, who all volunteered their time and advice to make this guide possible; readers are encouraged to support these superstars of our great hobby by patronizing their stores and sending them your variant wishlists!

Introducing This Price Guide

The collaborators who made this guide possible have all witnessed a growing collector interest in — and market premium for — Type 1A cover price variant newsstand comics of the 1980’s, and we collectively believe it is time for a comprehensive Price Guide listing all known 1980’s newsstand-exclusive cover price variants from Marvel and D.C. as the two heavyweight comic book publishers of the era. While there are other publishers who produced Type 1A variants during this timeframe as well, this inaugural edition of the guide will focus solely on Marvel and D.C. — collectors interested in exploring variants from other publishers such as Archie (not to mention other types of variants) are encouraged to read Jon McClure’s article published in the Overstreet Price Guide #40, p. 1010-1033, entitled “A History of Publisher Experimentation and Variant Comic Books” (also available to read online here).

Introducing The Variants

Entering the 1980’s, Marvel and D.C. each sold comics through two distinct distribution channels: “Direct Edition” copies were directly sold to comic shops on a non-returnable (but discounted) basis; “Newsstand” copies meanwhile were distributed to newsstands across North America, and unsold copies could be returned. In the beginning of the 1980’s, all of North America got the same identical newsstand copies.

But starting in October of 1982, due to currency fluctuation, publishers could no longer afford to charge the same 60¢ price on newsstands in population centers like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal — i.e. places where buyers would be paying in Canadian currency. For this reason, publishers started to demand 75 cents from those newsstand customers north of the border. But instead of placing both US and Canadian prices on newsstand copies as they eventually did, from 10/1982, out to 8/1986 for Marvel and out to 9/1988 for D.C., these publishers produced two distinct batches of newsstand copies: a higher cover price batch and a lower cover price batch.

Each batch was produced simultaneously with the other copies by the publisher on the same manufacturing equipment, so all are 1st print copies (each batch involving only a change of the black/key plate), but the number of copies created for each batch was different, with each batch sized to fit the corresponding market: the Direct Edition batch size was informed by comic shop order levels, and each of the two Newsstand batch sizes were informed by the size of the target market and newsstand sales trends. The smaller batch of higher cover price newsstand copies — the copies today known as “Type 1A” variants — were therefore sold in vastly smaller numbers, were purchased mostly by readers, and have estimated survivorship of ~2% of copies (CGC census data for most issues shows variant rarity between 1-2% of census copies), as we illustrate below:

Direct Edition Comic Books:  An Estimated 80% of Surviving 1980's copies
[Click here for a detailed explanation of these graphics]

Newsstand Comic Books: An Estimated 20% of Surviving 1980's copies
[Click here for a detailed explanation of these graphics]

Type 1A 1980's Newsstand Cover Price Variants: Market size disparity chart
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Official Type 1 & 1A Variant Definitions

Price Guide Methodology

All collaborators have independently submitted advice on variant values for the top key issues. The median of those advised values for each issue — i.e. the middle ground number at which exactly half of advisors gave a lower opinion and half of advisors gave a higher opinion — were used to compile a Top 20. By comparing these median advisor values for each issue against the “base Direct Edition value” for those same issues, a variant premium was discovered which helped inform the rest of the guide. The base Direct Edition values were determined by (1) an extrapolation of observed marketplace asking prices for the issue around the research period of August-September 2017, and (2) opinions from up to three different popular comic book price guides.

Using This Guide

This guide is presented on a best-efforts basis, but none of the included information is guaranteed to be free of human error; and due to the sheer volume of issues included in the guide, it was not possible to individually verify all information issue by issue or to confirm the existence of every variant by observing a photograph of each variant proving its existence. It is possible that certain included issues were actually direct edition exclusives lacking newsstand distribution. Therefore you should use this guide only as one tool among your comics research tool-belt, and you should verify information with other sources before acting. Expected variant cover price, for example, was determined algorithmically based on a set of known examples; actual variant price issue by issue may vary from this base set, and can be error-checked by referencing a direct edition copy and looking up the small-print Canadian price tag — that small-print price would then be the expected cover price used for the smaller newsstand batch.

Information columns presented in the guide are: Issue (and date), Direct Edition value, the expected cover price found on variant newsstand copies, and finally our guided Variant values (all guided values presented are for “raw” copies; all guided values are presented in US Dollars). The final column is used to indicate when the variant for the issue has been confirmed at CGC, i.e. at least one variant copy appears on the CGC Census as of 8/15/2017; when found, we show the number of variant copies on record as of that date. At the bottom of each row, a Note may appear for a given issue for noteworthy items such as 1st appearances; Advisor notes are displayed in green. In the full guide, rows are highlighted in yellow by noteworthy value above a threshold. Direct edition value columns are highlighted with a pink circle in cases where noteworthy value disagreement among price guides was spotted and flagged.

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Top 20 By Median Advisor Variant Value
Issue Direct Edition NM- Value Canadian Variant
Cover Price
Canadian Variant
NM- Value
Confirmed at CGC
 Amazing Spider-Man #238 $150 $0.75 $240
 Marvel, 3/1983  1st Appearance of Hobgoblin; Came with Tattooz
Paul notes: 75¢ variants of this issue did indeed come with Tattooz included; book is considered incomplete at CGC (green qualified label) if absent.
Ben notes: My note can be found in this separate blog post »
Jon notes: This book is NOT incomplete without Tattooz. It was printed in a standard, old fashioned way, independent of the Tattooz inserted later just like Mark Jewelers ads from the 1970s were inserted. Should we call Incredible Hulk #181 without a Mark Jewelers insert incomplete? I believe this problem originates from the fact that the comic’s cover mentions Tattooz, as does the cover to Fantastic Four #252. Ideally, the Tattooz ARE absent due to the slow degradation of the contents that will eventually effect paper quality inside. Overstreet listings are confused, forced to respond to CGC’s nonsense. Once upon a time, I called Bob Overstreet and told him that the FF #252’s Tattooz were being used as Spidey #238’s Tattooz and that the cure was to list them as same value, which he agreed with and subsequently did so. Collectors aren’t sure what to believe and that’s how the CGC myth is perpetuated. At some point, although my original note remains in the guide about the switching of Tattooz between books, this was changed back to the original mistaken listing (including the explicit mistaken statement that NO Type 1a Canadian variants exist) with two values, with and without Tattooz. The FF #252s are listed in Overstreet #47(2017) at $8 with Tattooz and $6 without in NM-, and ASM #238 is listed at $150 with and $80 without in NM-, a discrepancy that highlights this dilemma, with Tattooz worth between $2 and $70 for the same item. As no copies of FF #252 Type 1A have ever been confirmed to have Tattooz, all copies submitted would automatically be delineated as CGC green label incomplete unless Tattooz were inserted, thereby CREATING a variant which is not valid, as home made variants do not a variant make. ALL CGC would have to do is say “no Tattooz” on the label and have a blue label, leaving it to the collector to decide on the relative importance of its inclusion. There is little if any difference between doubling down on the term “Canadian Edition” for Type 1As and insisting books without inserts are incomplete. The situation is ridiculous; it is a conceptual failure. Any real NM- or better copy will and should be taken seriously with or without the insert. Tattooz were inserted in Amazing Spider-Man #238 and Fantastic Four #252 and advertised on the covers; Captain America #279(3/83) and Star Wars #69(3/83) were given Tattooz without advertising on the covers. Because neither of the latter books are considered incomplete without the inserts and would receive CGC blue labels, it stands to reason that ASM #238 and FF #252 are not incomplete without Tattooz either, as the books are complete, having been printed in a standard way, independent of the Tattooz that were then inserted. The only difference is the ads on the covers, and those are irrelevant as they are part of the printing process of the book itself.
 Batman #357 $135 $0.75 $220
 DC, 3/1983  1st Appearance of Jason Todd; Killer Croc appearance (brief); Cont. in Detective Comics 524
Ben notes: A 2% type 1A variant survivorship assumption against the 97,741 total circulation statement number would imply under 2,000 surviving variant copies; of those, the vast majority of survivors likely are in the 2.0 to 8.0 condition range. Near-Mint-range survivors are therefore quite scarce indeed, reflected in the very low CGC census count of variants. An NM- variant sold for $225 in 2016; an NM+ variant sold for $319 in 2017
Bill notes: A CGC 9.8 NM/MT variant copy sold for $850 in 2016
Doug notes: Low Print = 97,741 Copies in Pub. Circ. Stmt; FIRST appearance of JASON TODD (Later becomes the RED HOOD); FIRST brief appearance of Waylon Jones aka KILLER CROC; (See Detective #523 for First cameo appearance; See Detective #524 for First FULL appearance);
 Saga of the Swamp Thing #37 $140 $0.95 $210
 DC, 6/1985  1st Appearance of John Constantine
Doug notes: First FULL appearance of JOHN CONSTANTINE aka HELLBLAZER; ALAN MOORE Story;
 G.I. Joe, a Real American Hero #21 $85 $0.75 $188
 Marvel, 3/1984  1st Appearance of Storm Shadow; Silent issue
 Amazing Spider-Man #252 $90 $0.75 $186
 Marvel, 5/1984  1st Appearance of the black costume; Amazing Fantasy 15 cover homage
 Transformers #1 $125 $1.00 $185
 Marvel, 9/1984  1st Appearance of Transformers
Doug notes: ORIGIN and FIRST appearance in Comics of the AUTOBOTS and the DECEPTICONS; The FIRST BATTLE between the Autobots & the Decepticons; The FIRST Appearance in Comics of; MEGATRON, Ravage, OPTIMUS PRIME
 Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 $70 $1.00 $145
 Marvel, 12/1984  Origin of the alien symbiote that eventually becomes Venom.
Angelo notes: A 9.8 variant sold for $560 in 2017.
Ben notes: Classic cover contender; $1.00 cover price variant census rarity = 52 of 9,688 graded copies = 0.05%
 X-Factor #6 $95 $0.95 $140
 Marvel, 7/1986  1st Appearance of Apocalypse
Ben notes: A VF/NM variant sold for $139 in 2016; an NM variant sold for $145 in 2016
 Batman #386 $65 $0.95 $125
 DC, 8/1985  1st Appearance of Black Mask
Doug notes: Low Print = 75,303 Copies in Pub. Circ. Stmt; FIRST appearance of ROMAN SIONIS aka the BLACK MASK cover & story = Part-1 of 3-Parts;
 Star Wars #68 $65 $0.75 $122
 Marvel, 2/1983  1st Appearance of Fenn Shysa
Angelo notes: A 9.8 variant sold for $592 in 2017.
Doug notes: ORIGIN and Re-Introduction of BOBA FETT classic cover & Story;
 Tales of the Teen Titans #44 $80 $0.95 $120
 DC, 7/1984  1st Appearances of Nightwing (Dick Grayson) and Jericho; Origins of Deathstroke and Jericho
 Booster Gold #1 $30 $0.95 $116
 DC, 2/1986  1st Appearance of Booster Gold (Michael Carter); Versus Blackguard
Angelo notes: A 9.6 variant sold for $250 in 2017; a 9.8 variant sold for $500 in 2017.
 Suicide Squad #1 $75 $1.00 $115
 DC, 5/1987  Angelo notes: A 9.2 variant sold for $176 in 2017.
Doug notes: New Modern Copper Age SUICIDE SQUAD Team s First series begins = Bronze Tiger, Captain Boomerang, DEADSHOT, Enchantress, Mindboggler, Nightshade, Plastique & Rick Flag; Amanda Waller Begins;
 Marvel Team-Up #141 $55 $0.75 $112
 Marvel, 5/1984  Ties with Amazing Spider-Man 252 for first appearance of the black costume
 Punisher #1 $70 $1.50 $110
 Marvel, 1/1986  Double-size
Doug notes: Double Size Giant; ORIGIN of Frank Castle the PUNISHER; JIGSAW becomes Punisher’s ARCH-ENEMY; FIRST appearances of; The Trust, Don Cervello, Gregario, Charlie Siciliano, Tony Massera & Aleric; PUNISHER is #27 on IGN’s 2014 Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All-Time List; Classic Mike ZECK & and Phil Zemelman Painted Cover; Mike Zeck & John Beatty art;
 Wolverine Limited Series #2 $60 $0.75 $100
 Marvel, 10/1982  1st Appearance of Yukio
Doug notes: FIRST Canadian Price Variant in Title; Mariko Yashida, Yukio, Lord Shingen, The Hand, Katsuyori & Noburu-Hideki appear;
 Rocket Raccoon #1 $65 $1.00 $98
 Marvel, 5/1985 
 Wolverine Limited Series #3 $60 $0.75 $95
 Marvel, 11/1982  Doug notes: YUKIO kills Asano Kimura; Third appearance of Lord Shingen Yashida and YUKIO; MARIKO Yashida & The Hand appear; The TOUGHEST issue to find in HIGH GRADE due to the BLACK COLORS on the Cover;
 Amazing Spider-Man #239 $60 $0.75 $92
 Marvel, 4/1983  2nd Appearance of Hobgoblin
Ben notes: First Spider-Man vs. Hobgoblin battle
 Uncanny X-Men #201 $40 $0.75 $90
 Marvel, 1/1986  1st Appearance of Cable as baby Nathan; Starjammers & Binary appearance; Storm becomes team leader
Ben notes: A CGC 8.5 variant sold for $119 in 2017
Doug notes: First appearance of Baby Nathan Summers who will grow up to become CABLE = Over FOUR YEARS (FIFTY MONTHS) Before His First full appearance in New MUTANTS #87;
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Key comic in titleUncanny X-Men (#162-208, Annual #6-9)
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V (#1-18)
Vision and Scarlet Witch (#1-4)
Vision and Scarlet Witch Vol 2 (#1-11)
Wally the Wizard (#1-12)
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Who’s Who Update ’87 (#1-5)
Who’s Who Update ’88 (#1-2)
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Key comic in titleWolverine Limited Series (#2-4)
Wonder Man (#1)
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Key comic in titleWonder Woman Vol 2 (#1-20)
Key comic in titleWorld’s Finest Comics (#284-323)
World of Krypton (#1-4)
World of Metropolis (#1-2)
World of Smallville (#1-4)
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X-Men Alpha Flight (#1-2)
X-Men and The Micronauts (#1-4)
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