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Applause to CGC Now Labeling Type 1A’s as “Canadian Price Variant”, “Australian Price Variant”, and “UK Price Variant”


Breaking news, Type 1A price variant collectors! Until now, CGC has been labeling the three discovered-to-date categories of Type 1A price variants as “[Country] Edition when breaking them out on census, but going forward from Monday of next week, they are switching from Edition to Price Variant:


Applause to the team at CGC for making the great decision to move ahead with this important change! I know it is not without cost/effort/man-hours that this is being done and the effort is truly appreciated — and I’m confident that looking back from the future, CGC will recognize it was well worth the effort, as it places CGC on the correct side of comic book history with regard to recognizing Type 1A’s and labeling them in a way that better highlights them as the US-published first-print originals they are!

And please join me in a round of applause for my fellow Pence Price Variant Issue Guide collaborator Steve Cranch, who recently made the case anew to CGC for the need for this change, presenting it from the Pence Price Variant perspective. As recognition to Steve’s involvement in their decision-making about the change, CGC made the initial official announcement above in Steve’s pence threads, just a number of hours ago.

Why This Is Milestone News:

I’d expect one of the typical reactions to the news to be along the lines of: “they already were breaking these out as distinct census variants, so why is it a big deal precisely what we call them?” I totally get this reaction: a rose by any other name smells just as sweet, and the variant name atop a CGC slab changes nothing about the comic within the slab to those of us who collect it and understand it — the incredible rarity of the comic is just as sweet to us, whether we call, say, an ASM #238 a “75¢ Variant” or a “Canadian Edition” or a “Canadian Newsstand Edition” or a “Type 1A Price Variant” or a “CPV” or anything else!

And while that’s absolutely true, consider that calling a first print US-published cover price variant a [Country] Edition causes confusion to those of us not already in-the-know about Type 1As, by conflating them with foreign-published editions (such as the ones published in Canada that actually say Canadian Edition on them). The “actually from the USA” aspect of Type 1A’s is already confusing enough for these comics being that they were distributed in another country…

And when you think about it, “Canadian Edition” sounds foreign to a US-based collector, doesn’t it? But the truth about Type 1A’s — and what we want the rest of the comic-collecting world to get — is that Type 1A price variant comics were ♬ B-O-O-O-O-R-N IN THE U-S-A ♫! The Marvels are first print Marvels! The DC’s are first print DCs! And they were printed at the same time and in the same location (on the same presses; same paper; same ink) as their regular US-cover-priced counter-parts! If Type 1A’s are an edition of anywhere it would be an edition of the USA!

Consider as well how the CGC label name is often inputted verbatim at various online comic book auction sites when it comes to the description and the keywords attached to a listing; consider, for example, how a typical collector would typically find a Canadian price variant over at a site like ComicLink — they would not be able to search on “price” or “variant” or “price variant” to find Type 1A’s (the way they would search to find Type 1’s)… They would instead need to search on the word “Canadian” for the listings to come up — and in doing so, the 1980’s price variants would be mixed together with the actual Canadian Editions of the 1940’s and 1950’s! So by switching to a Price Variant label, this will eliminate a lot of confusion, especially among collectors new to this type of variant.

Another reaction I expect out there — and my own reaction to the news — is to be absolutely thrilled that CGC has finally moved ahead with a much-needed change that so many of us have advocated for (myself included)! My fellow Price Guide collaborator Jon McClure told me, back when we were working on our inaugural edition of the guide, that it takes time to change people’s Variant viewpoint, but the truth will win out. How right he was: first CBCS, and now CGC, have come around to understanding the truth about Type 1A variants and in turn, the need to change their labeling!

The name CGC places on the slab has a huge impact on the “first impression” that a collector gets the first time they see one of our Type 1A variants. A Price Variant Label is, in my opinion, going to cause a way-different “first impression” on someone coming across one of our variants for the first time. I see the odds as greatly improved that they will research further upon seeing the new labeling, versus the old labeling. I expect that will mean that the ranks of Type 1A price variant collectors will grow at an incrementally-even-faster pace than otherwise! 🙂

Yet another reaction I expect some will have to today’s news, is that CGC has not gone far enough, because they are taking what could be viewed as the “shortcut approach” of blanket-labeling regardless of actual cover price, as “UK Price Variant” or “Canadian Price Variant” or “Australian Price Variant” — some may feel that CGC should go the further step of placing the variant price itself into the variant name, e.g. “75¢ Price Variant” etc. And I wish they would take that further step too, but, I think we need to be understanding about the amount of man-hours we’d be talking about to actually implement that change… Maybe they’ll one day go that further step, especially since they now have almost a year’s worth of data collection already in place from the time of their last Type 1A labeling improvement where they began inputting the cover price onto the right-hand side of the label. They may want to do it eventually to keep pace with CBCS, and it strikes me as only another small step from having it on the right-hand side of the label to having it in the variant name itself. But for now, I for one am just thrilled that they are changing Edition to Price Variant, and I hope you’ll join me in another round of applause to CGC for this great improvement!

And: I hope you’ll join me in another round of applause for Steve Cranch, whose efforts in engaging CGC on the subject were responsible for finally pushing them over the edge in making this important change — this is a true milestone moment that will greatly benefit the hobby, and I can’t thank Steve enough for helping make it a reality, it shows that Steve is a true rainmaker!

rainmaker: (2) a person whose influence can initiate progress or ensure success — Merriam Webster

One last person I want to applaud before bringing this post to a close: you, yes you, the one reading this post, because chances are if you’re reading this sentence, you are one of my long-time blog readers and thus you were way early versus your comic-collecting peers in coming to understand and appreciate just how collectible Type 1A price variants were. You “beat CGC” to the punch of understanding these comics! If you ask me, you deserve a round of applause for that! Well done! The future certainly looks bright for broader collector awareness of Type 1A price variants in the future, and today’s milestone news from CGC has made the future look all the more sunny indeed!

Happy Collecting! 🙂

– Ben p.s. Since the change only starts Monday there are no pictures to share yet of the new label, but I happen to have a couple of Canadian price variants in at CGC at this moment, and when the box arrives back I’ll follow up in this space once I have example pictures I can share!

5/23/2019 Update — Example Pictures:


21 thoughts on “Applause to CGC Now Labeling Type 1A’s as “Canadian Price Variant”, “Australian Price Variant”, and “UK Price Variant”

  1. varyant555 says:

    The CGC change from “Edition” to “Price variant” is great news indeed!. I believe comic books that are correctly labeled for what they truly are will have people wanting to pay more for these Type 1A price variant books and will have buyers feeling “confident” in what the books truly are that they are buying.

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  2. Salvatore says:

    Excellent news. The Type 1a Variants are still in their infancy as it pertains to overall awareness about their existence. This is a giant leap forward. I just submitted 4 Canadian Variants today so the timing couldn’t be better. Personally , I feel that Canadian/Australian/uk price variants have reinvigorated peoples passion for collecting. In comic collecting it’s all about the hunt, and the hunt for these types of variants is truly a challenge (especially for completionists). 👍🏻



  3. Toby Watts says:

    Great news, it’s only right that the first print editions be allied together. I’d like to send you a picture of my shilling copy of ASM 87 in celebration of this but I can’t seem to do it 🙁


  4. varyant555 says:

    That is a nice! looking cover on that Detective 556 CPV. CGC’s new price variant labeling is great!. Did you notice that they now state the Canadian cover price on the CGC label which is great.

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  5. Spotted this one on eBay, an Avengers #257 with the new “Canadian Price Variant” CGC labeling and “75¢ cover price” pointed out at the right-hand side of the label:

    This is the first new-label-style-copy I’ve spotted on eBay since CGC’s announcement. It was graded 9.8 and sold at auction for $932 with 24 bids. For context (as far as market premium over the other types), the most recent 65¢ newsstand copy in 9.8 sold for $231, and recent direct editions in 9.8 at auction were recently found selling between $130-176.


  6. Hi everyone, I spotted two more slabs on eBay with the new “Canadian Price Variant” CGC labeling (and “75¢ cover price” pointed out at the right-hand side of the label). A Thor #337 variant in CGC 9.8:

    And an Amazing Spider-Man #239 variant in CGC 9.4:

    Both of these were up for auction. The ASM #239 auctioned for $120.50, and the Thor #337 auctioned for $932. I looked up the most recent direct edition sales comps for each, for comparison, and found that for ASM #239 the most recent auction of a direct edition in CGC 9.4 went for $56.68:

    And for comparison for Thor #337 the most recent auction of a direct edition in CGC 9.8 went for $403:


  7. Ian Aylward says:

    Just wanted to bring some attention to the appalling amount of Canadian price variants being mislabeled since this “change”. Between myself and 2 other submitters we’ve had 100% of our books not recognized with ANY label, new or old. This not only affects us but the census and community as a whole.


    • Ugh… Sorry to hear this Ian and I hope you get it worked out with CGC and they correct your books! My understanding from Brittany McManus is that if you submitted books to CGC after her announcement and marked them as Canadian Price Variant on the submission but instead got back the old Canadian Edition label, that you’re eligible for free re-holder service to correct their error; so you may want to phone CGC and get in touch with her and see if you are eligible for free re-holder and if she can help get your books corrected.

      I’m glad you posted this warning for others to see — everyone should make sure if you’re submitting a book where CGC hasn’t yet changed from Edition to Price Variant (meaning your book will be the first where they port over the census entry to the new name), to watch the online submission tracker and if it gets to Graded without showing the new label name, then it is probably a good idea to get on the horn to CGC customer service and make sure they get it right before your book actually ships.

      Keep us posted Ian, I hope you get it worked out with CGC!


  8. Two Batman keys with the new Canadian Price Variant labeling went up on eBay, Batman #366 in CGC 9.6 (the current top census grade; one of two in 9.6) asking $359.99 on a best-offer listing, and Batman #368 in CGC 9.8 (the current top census grade; one of six in 9.8) currently at auction with opening bid asking $679.99. Both books are from the same seller. Issue #366, “The Joker Is Wild!” has one of my all-time favorite Batman covers (Walt Simonson artwork). Here are pictures of the two mentioned books (gorgeous!!):


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