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Canadian Price Variants: Noteworthy Sales

This page continues the noteworthy sales section of our 2019 price guide. Have you been involved in a recent noteworthy sale of a Canadian Price Variant as a buyer or seller, or have you observed a noteworthy sale of a Canadian Price Variant that occurred after our most recent guide was published? If so, please help us in our efforts with future price guide editions by reporting a noteworthy sale in the comments forum section at the bottom of this page โ€” click here to see what others have reported.

Noteworthy Canadian Price Variant Sales Examples from the 2019 Guide
Issue Grade Sale Price Sale Date
Amazing Spider-Man #238 CGC 9.6 $2,300 Aug-18
Amazing Spider-Man #238 CGC 9.6 $1,827 May-18
Amazing Spider-Man #252 CGC 9.8 $1,800 Oct-18
Transformers #1 CGC 9.8 $1,800 17-Dec
Batman #357 CGC 9.8 $1,500 Jan-18
Amazing Spider-Man #252 CGC 9.8 $1,282 Oct-18
Amazing Spider-Man #252 CGC 9.8 $1,150 Aug-18
Marvel Tails #1 CGC 9.8 $1,092 Oct-18
Amazing Spider-Man #252 CGC 9.8 $1,020 PNJ, 12/24/2017
Marvel Graphic Novel #4 CGC 9.8 $1,000 Jul-18
Amazing Spider-Man #252 CGC 9.8 $1,000 17-Dec
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 CGC 9.8 $1,000 17-Dec
Amazing Spider-Man #252 CGC 9.6 $764 Aug-18
X-Factor #6 CGC 9.6 $750 2018
Saga of the Swamp Thing #37 CGC 9.6 $750 2018
Tales of the Teen Titans #44 CGC 9.8 $750 2018
X-Factor #6 CGC 9.6 $650 2018
Amazing Spider-Man #238 CGC 8.0 $614 Sep-18
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 CGC 9.6 $615 2018
Amazing Spider-Man #252 CGC 9.6 $610 Aug-18
Batman #386 CGC 9.6 $600 Jul-18
Brave and the Bold #200 CGC 9.8 $600 2018
Thor #337 CGC 9.8 $513 2018
Thor #338 CGC 9.8 $500 May-18
Wonder Woman #7 CGC 9.6 $500 Aug-18
Batman #359 CGC 9.6 $477 Oct-18
Thor #337 CGC 9.8 $452 2018
Thing #1 CGC 9.8 $450 2018
Batman #368 CGC 9.8 $445 Apr-18
Detective Comics #523 NM+ $396 2018
Thor #337 CGC 9.8 $396 2018
Transformers #1 CGC 9.6 $385 Oct-18
Punisher #1 CGC 9.6 $385 May-18
Web of Spider-Man #1 CGC 9.8 $376 Apr-18
Marvel Team-Up #141 CGC 9.6 $359 DCW, 10/22/2018
Batman #366 NM $330 2018
Detective Comics #523 CGC 9.6 $307 Oct-18
Marvel Tails #1 CGC 9.4 $300 PNJ, 10/15/2018
Punisher #1 NM+ $300 Sep-18
Wolverine Limited Series #4 CGC 9.8 $294 2017
Uncanny X-Men #164 CGC 9.6 $290 Sep-18
Batman #357 PGX 9.4 $278 Jul-18
Batman #353 CGC 9.8 $275 PNJ, 12/13/2017
Batman #369 CGC 9.8 $270 PNJ, 3/16/2018
Wonder Woman #298 CGC 9.8 $265 PNJ, 6/28/2018
Marvel Movie Showcase #1 CGC 7.5 $265 2018
Avengers #257 CGC 9.6 $255 Sep-18
Batman #423 CGC 9.4 $250 2018
Amazing Spider-Man #252 NM+ $250 PNJ, 3/7/2018
Amazing Spider-Man #252 CGC 9.4 $250 Oct-18
Amazing Spider-Man #263 CGC 9.6 $249 Jul-18
Brave and the Bold #200 CGC 9.6 $242 PNJ, 12/13/2017
Detective Comics #523 CGC 9.4 $232 PNJ, 12/14/2017
Batman #373 CGC 9.6 $230 PNJ, 1/13/2018
Batman #363 CGC 9.6 $230 PNJ, 1/15/2018
Thing #35 CGC 9.8 $215 DCW, Sep-18
Amazing Spider-Man #252 NM $215 PNJ, 6/3/2018
Justice League #1 CGC 9.8 $211 PNJ, 1/17/2018
Justice League #3 CGC 9.8 $211 PNJ, 1/17/2018
Justice League #1 CGC 9.8 $209 PNJ, 1/17/2018
Marvel Movie Showcase #1 CGC 7.5 $208 2018
Transformers #1 VF/NM to NM- $200 Sep-18
Tales of the Teen Titans #44 PGX 9.4 $199 Sep-18
Batman #366 CGC 9.0 $190 Jun-18
Batman #366 CGC 9.2 $189 Mar-18
Batman #353 CGC 9.8 $179 DCW, 2018
Star Wars #68 CGC 9.0 $175 Sep-18
Thing #1 CGC 9.6 $175 Jul-18
Batman #359 CGC 9.2 $175 Feb-18
Batman #356 CGC 9.6 $175 PNJ, 2/17/2018
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 CGC 8.5 $174 Aug-18
Tales of the Teen Titans #44 CGC 9.4 $170 PNJ, 12/14/2017
Batman #383 CGC 9.8 $169 PNJ, 6/21/2018
Batman #370 CGC 9.8 $169 PNJ, 6/21/2018
Batman #359 CGC 9.0 $165 PNJ, 12/13/2017
Amazing Spider-Man #238 VF- $160 PNJ, 2/23/2018
Batman #365 CGC 9.6 $155 PNJ, 6/22/2018
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #10 CGC 9.8 $150 Oct-18
Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 CGC 9.4 $150 Apr-18
Crisis on Infinite Earths #8 CGC 9.4 $150 Apr-18
Uncanny X-Men #164 CGC 9.6 $150 Apr-18
Amazing Spider-Man #239 CGC 9.4 $150 Sep-18
Suicide Squad #1 NM- $150 2018
Thor #337 CGC 9.4 $140 PNJ, 12/7/2017
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 CGC 9.6 $135 DCW, 10/24/2018
Alpha Flight #1 CGC 9.2 $134 Jul-18
Ewoks #1 NM+ $132 2018
Thor #337 CGC 9.2 $129 DCW, 2018
Wonder Woman Vol 2 #9 CGC 9.4 $125 Aug-18
Uncanny X-Men #164 CGC 9.4 $125 DCW, 2018
Wonder Woman #7 CGC 9.4 $125 DCW, 2018
Thor #337 CGC 9.2 $120 PNJ, 1/20/2018
Thor #339 CGC 9.8 $119 DCW, 2018
G.I. Joe, a Real American Hero #21 CGC 9.0 $115 2018
Daredevil #196 CGC 9.6 $109 PNJ, 1/17/2018
Amazing Spider-Man #252 VG/FN $108 Aug-18
Justice League #2 CGC 9.4 $107 PNJ, 1/18/2018
Thor #339 CGC 9.8 $107 DCW, 2018
Wonder Woman #300 unspecified $100 Sep-18
Batman #358 PGX 9.0 $100 Sep-18
Batman #367 CGC 9.2 $99 PNJ, 2/17/2018
Fantastic Four #265 CGC 9.8 $99 DCW, 2018
Fantastic Four #286 CGC 9.6 $99 DCW, 2018
Wonder Woman #9 CGC 9.2 $99 DCW, 2018
Marvel Tails #1 VF/NM $95 Sep-18
Wonder Woman #7 CGC 9.2 $95 DCW, 2018
Detective Comics #524 PGX 9.2 $90 Aug-18
Avengers #250 CGC 9.6 $89 DCW, 2018
Fantastic Four #262 CGC 9.8 $89 DCW, 2018
Thor #337 CGC 8.5 $85 Oct-18
Detective Comics #524 CGC 8.0 $83 Jun-18
Alpha Flight #33 CGC 9.4 $79 DCW, 2018
Avengers #257 CGC 9.0 $79 DCW, 2018
Spectacular Spider-Man #90 CGC 9.0 $76 Feb-18
Alpha Flight #1 CGC 9.4 $75 DCW, 2018
Daredevil #197 CGC 9.4 $75 DCW, 2018
Avengers #266 CGC 9.4 $57 PNJ, 1/18/2018



27 thoughts on “Canadian Price Variants: Noteworthy Sales

  1. Hi everyone, an ASM #238 variant in CGC 9.2 sold yesterday on eBay as a “Best offer accepted” listing — with this type of sale, instead of showing the actual sale price itself in the sold listings section, eBay shows the original asking price slashed through with a line and the words “best offer accepted” underneath. I.e. they do not directly reveal the actual accepted price. There are some services out there you can pay for to learn sales prices like these.

    But there’s also a free way to “tease out” the likely accepted price within a very small margin of error and I wanted to use this opportunity to walk through how to do that for anyone who might not already be familiar with the technique:

    The first step is to come up with a search term that will give us a huge number of recent sales (you’ll see why we want a huge number of recent sales in a moment) — what I like to do is search on just the grade in question, i.e in this case I’d search eBay on the term “CGC 9.2”:

    Then along the left-hand column of the page, select to see Sold Items only:

    Next, near the top right of the resulting page, use the feature to sort the results ordered by highest price + shipping:

    Note that this will now sort each of the results in the order of the highest total sale price with shipping to your zip code — and so using this technique we won’t see the total sale price with shipping to the buyer’s zip code (or the buyer’s country if outside the US) for each listing, and that makes this technique imperfect but still pretty close.

    Now, all we need to do is find the listing in question among the results — in this case we’re looking the ASM #238 variant which I found quickly by doing a find-in-page (control-F on a PC) on the word “Canadian” where I found the listing on page 1 of the sorted results — and we also need to find two “anchor” listings above and below it where the sale price is exact (i.e. as either a buy-it-now or an auction result).

    Using those two known sale price anchors, we in turn know that the accepted offer is between the two, due to how eBay has sorted the results from highest to lowest with shipping (and again, we’ll have a margin of error within the shipping price variation because eBay is sorting based on the shipping cost to your zip code not the actual shipping cost paid by the buyer of each of the shown listings).

    Here below is a screenshot of the ASM #238 listing we were looking for with two known price anchors above and below:

    Based on the above, the total with shipping for the top anchor is $776.58, while the total with shipping for the bottom anchor is $770 — thus the total with shipping for the ASM 238 (again to our zip code which may differ from what the actual buyer paid whose location is unknown) should fall in between those two.

    With best-offer listings the buyer and seller usually agree on a “round number” so I’d guess that number in this case would be an even $775 shipped — or $750 plus $25 shipping (which once again is the cost to my zip code and may not be what the buyer paid in shipping depending on their shipping distance from the seller). Thus with the above technique we are able to “tease out” the likely range of accepted price to a narrow margin for this ASM #238 variant and this same technique can be used for investigating any best-offer sale.

    – Ben


  2. Mr. Price Variant says:

    Hi Ben,

    I would like to let everyone know that today on November 4th 2018 a Thor 337 CGC 9.8 Canadian price variant sold for $911.00! which surpasses the previous high sale of $513.00 from earlier this year.


  3. jimmyimpossible says:

    Hey guys. Love the site and thrilled with the 2019 version of the guide. I know raws are a bit harder to track and trust the advertised grade, but here are some significant variant sales I’ve had recently. (Prices in Canadian dollars.)

    I had a nice little compilation image done up, but couldn’t figure out how to load it. But here they are:

    Transformers #1 VF C $175 (~$135 US) – Nov 3
    Amazing Spider-Man #252 VF+ C $150 (~115 US) – Sep 11
    Batman #386 NM- C $185 (~$140 US) – Sep 8

    Some other lower tier sales:
    Suicide Squad #1 VF- C $55 (~$42 US)
    Amazing Spider-Man #275 VF+ C $40 (~$30 US)
    Spectacular Spider-Man #90 VF+ C $45 (~$35 US)

    I also made a nice flip profit on a CGC 8.0 Punisher #1 Limited Series that was not labeled as being “Canadian Variant” or anything. I rectified that all the way to C $85 (~$65 US). ๐Ÿ™‚

    There was also a Batman #386 VF that sold for C $112.50 (~$86 US) recently (Oct 22) that never advertised itself as a CPV.

    I hope this doesn’t come off as a “tooting my own horn” exercise, as it’s not. I use the guide A LOT and want it to be as accurate as possible. Cheers.


  4. Hi everyone, a reader wrote in by email to Doug to share two recent variant sales of theirs on eBay from “EH”BCDevo’s Comics; they also noted that both items sold within 6 hours of being listed. The two sales were the Marvel Movie Showcase #1 variant in CGC 7.5 for C $299.99 ($226.53 US), and the Tales of the Teen Titans #44 variant in CGC 9.2 for C $149.99 ($109.45 US). Below is an eBay screenshot of these two sales (note that the prices in the screenshot are currency-adjusted to USD as of the moment I took the screenshot so that’s why they show a few cents different from the reported USD conversion amounts at the time of the sale).

    While over on eBay, I also noticed a few other noteworthy variant sales that have taken place recently:

    โ€ข Amazing Spider-Man #252 variant in CGC 8.0 sold for $188.77:

    โ€ข Uncanny X-Men #164 variant in CGC 9.2 sold for $118.50:

    โ€ข Web of Spider-Man #1 variant in CGC 9.6 sold for $250:

    โ€ข Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #1 variant (1988 mini-series) in CGC 9.8 sold for $372:

    โ€ข Uncanny X-Men #205 variant in CGC 9.8 sold for $249.95:

    – Ben


  5. “EH”BCDevo’s Comics (on eBay) just sold an Amazing Spider-Man #265 CGC 9.2 Canadian Price Variant 1st Appearance of Silver Sable for $169.99 CDN or $128.03 USD.
    Also, the store currently has listed an Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 Canadian Price Variant at 9.0 (Raw) for $84.99 CDN or $64.01 USD! Cheers.


  6. Hi everyone, hope those who celebrated had a very Happy Thanksgiving! Here below are some recent noteworthy variant sales examples; the Batman #357 variant must have sold very quickly because that particular issue is on my eBay alerts list and it sold before eBay even had a chance to email me that the listing was available! Ebay shows a sale price of C $750 ($566.81 USD). For the Alpha Flight #33 and Secret Wars #8 listings sold at best-offer, using the technique described previously [ described here: ] we can estimate that the Alpha Flight #33 variant sold for somewhere in the neighborhood of $230 USD, and that the Secret Wars #8 variant sold for somewhere in the neighborhood of $475 USD.


    • Wow, a strong auction result for a mis-listed variant… I think this shows that mis-listed-variant-hunters are growing in number out there and are willing to bid aggressively for seldom-seen variants in high grade. I wonder what price the seller would have achieved had they actually realized they owned a variant and listed it properly (with “Canadian” or “Canadian Price Variant” in the listing title)?

      – Ben


  7. An eBay auction for a CGC 9.8 95¢ variant copy of Batman #386 ended tonight with a winning bid of $2,025 — it is screencaptured below together with a recent CGC 9.8 direct edition sale for contrast: the variant went for >4x the amount.


    • varyant555 says:

      Hi Ben,

      That Batman 386 CGC 9.8 CPV Ebay sale was truly an eye opening high end sale. If the upcoming February 2020 Birds of Prey movie turns out to be a big success, the book could possibly rocket in value.


    • Thanks for the attempt at including the image, I appreciate you taking the time to try! I hope WordPress may come out with a method that is easier in a future version for sharing images in the comments forum. Meantime, here is the image below, and thanks again for taking a stab at including it in your comment. – Ben ๐Ÿ™‚


      • varyant555 says:

        On February 16th 2019 on Ebay a Swamp Thing 37 CGC 5.5 FN- CPV sold for $299.95. Imagine what a 9.8 CPV copy of that book would go for on Ebay?


  8. A Thing #35 CGC 9.8 CPV sold on eBay recently as a best-offer listing. Using the technique described previously of looking at sold listings sorted from highest to lowest, it would appear to have sold in the neighborhood of $580. Here is a screenshot with higher and lower “anchors” with known/shown sales prices:


  9. Here are some other recent noteworthy CPV sales:
    – ASM #252 variant in CGC 9.8 auctioned for $1102
    – Marvel Graphic Novel #4 variant in CGC 9.8 auctioned for $1075
    – ASM #238 variant in CGC 9.4 auctioned for $781
    – X-Factor #1 variant in CGC 9.8 sold buy-it-now for $424.95
    – Transformers #1 variant in CGC 9.4 sold buy-it-now for $399.95
    – ASM #252 variant in CGC 9.6 auctioned for $360
    – B&V #320 variant in CGC 8.0 sold buy-it-now for $350
    – Justice League #1 variant in CGC 9.8 auctioned for $342
    – Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 variant in CGC 9.4 sold buy-it-now for $299.95
    – Punisher #2 variant in CGC 9.4 sold buy-it-now for $299.95
    – Punisher #5 variant in CGC 9.2 sold buy-it-now for $299.95
    – ASM #252 variant in CGC 9.2 sold buy-it-now for $297.64
    – Thing #1 variant in CGC 9.8 sold buy-it-now for $295


  10. Hi everyone, two Batman #357 graded variants recently sold at auction, a CGC 9.2 which auctioned for $441.66 and a CGC 6.0 which auctioned for $75:

    Below is another sale which I want to talk about in further detail. Please notice the logo at the bottom left corner of the pictured copy below:

    Angelo and I recently had a discussion about these Thundercats books with 75¢ single-price and logos instead of bar codes. We did some digging. Here’s what I’ve come to understand; first, some facts/groundwork to know:

    – The 1st print direct edition “M” logo reference copy we would turn to has a 65 cent cover price (and — side note — interestingly it has a $1.00 CAN price in small print on those direct editions, which interestingly doesn’t match up to the actual known copies sold on Canadian newsstands which have a 75¢ price, not the $1.00 we’d expect going off of the direct editions!). Below is a reference listing of one of those 1st print direct editions with 65 cent cover price and “M” logo, and for the screenshot I’ve clicked their back cover photo because I want you to see it is a Care Bears ad:

    OK: so, remembering that for issues with newsstand distribution there are first printing “triplets” during this publication window — direct edition, US newsstand, and Canadian newsstand — we can keep in mind that that (above) for our reference, is the back cover of the direct edition sibling from the first print birthdate, and so our newsstand siblings should match what we see above…

    – And indeed here’s a reference copy for the US newsstand sibling, with 65¢ cover price, and I’ve clicked the back cover photo for the screenshot to show you it has the matching Care Bears ad:

    – And finally, a reference copy for a single-price 75¢ copy with bar code — this clearly is the Canadian price variant sold on newsstands. And the back cover? Care Bears:

    OK! So with that groundwork in place — we have three 1st print reference copies, the triplets, all with the Care Bears back cover — let’s proceed to investigate this mystery of the 75¢ copies with logos on the cover, like the example we started with in the beginning (that sold for $199.99 and was labeled by CGC as a “Canadian Edition” and marketed as the Canadian price variant).

    Next fact to know:

    – CGC’s census shows that this issue went to multiple printings… i.e. they have a Second Printing census designation as well as a Third Printing on record.

    – Mile High Comics also has issue #1 broken out to multiple printings in their system, and, helpfully, they have indicia scans for some of them. Here’s their indicia scan for the copies broken out as “third printing” in their system — notice the spot I’ve pointed out with an arrow:

    As you can see, the publisher states that it is a third printing. This tells us something by inference: if there exists a third printing, then there must also have been a second printing too! But first, let’s look more closely at this third printing, both front and back. Let me start with the back, to show you that it has a different ad … instead of Care Bears, it has a “Gross” ad. Here is a reference listing of a 3rd print copy, with the back cover clicked for the screenshot:

    And here’s a close-up of the ‘M’ box on the front cover of a third print copy, side-by-side with a 1st print copy — as you can see, the 3rd print copy (right) has a 75¢ cover price instead of 65¢ on the 1st print copy (left):

    There’s also no “Dec” below the #1 on the third print copy.

    OK, so, back to the point of there logically having to have been a second printing, if these above are denoted as the third printing. So: what do second-print copies look like? Referencing back to Mile High’s system, they are showing a picture of a single-price 75¢ copy with logo under the 2nd Printing heading:

    And, helpfully, they also have an indicia page scan. However, if we click it, we see…

    Huh… No indication of it being a second printing. [Side note: confusingly, Mile High also has a separate broken-out version with the same picture, but the description “1 75 CENT CV”].

    Angelo was able to actually check first-hand and compare the indicia page, and he saw no indiciation anywhere of the book being a second printing.

    However, here is something we do know: Remember earlier how I kept showing you those Care Bears ads on the known 1st print copies? Remember how the third print copy had a “Gross” ad instead? Now, below, I show you the back cover of the $199.99 sold-listings copy we started this discussion off with:

    It is a “Gross” ad, not a Care bears ad! So what are these single-price 75¢ cover price copies with logos and the “Gross” ad on the back cover?? Based on a variety of listings I’ve found from US-based sellers, my opinion is that these were US-distributed multi-pack copies that the publisher simply “sloppily” didn’t mark as second printings in the indicia. Here’s an example pack:

    If I’ve missed anything important in the above discussion, please chime in! But based on all of the above, my opinion is that the single-price 75¢ copies with logos, while interesting (especially for competists who want one of each variation), had distribution characteristics that were entirely distinct — in other words, they do not share the distribution-driven rarity characteristics that the newsstand-distributed CPVs carry, but rather, they have their own distinct rarity characteristics based on their own distinct situation.

    Thus, based on the above, I do not consider that $199.99 sale to actually be a Canadian price variant sale comp; the only Thundercats copies that I personally consider to be the true 1st print Canadian price variants are the ones with bar codes on them… the ones that look like this:

    – Ben ๐Ÿ™‚


    • jimmyimpossible says:

      Great work Ben! I’ve noticed that Thundercats before and was confused about how it could be a Canadian Newsstand Price Variant, yet didn’t have a barcode. Oh, and the back ad on the non-first prints are for Madballs. You must be too young to remember those. ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. jimmyimpossible says:

    Quite a few CPV’s sold in an auction last night. Many lower grades. Couple of note:

    Web of Spider-Man #1 CGC 9.6 $202.50 CAD (~$150 USD):

    I thought it would go higher to be honest.

    A raw Thor 337, estimated VF $70 CAD (~$50):


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