Rare Comics To Look For

By Benjamin Nobel

Collecting comics can be an addicting hobby — add one new comic to your collection and you’re immediately on the hunt again for ideas for more rare comics to look for. And many times the treasures we seek next will follow along with the same “theme” from the last comic we added — “now that I have issue #1, maybe I should get issue #2…”; “now that I have the first appearance maybe I should get the second appearance…”; “this is a great cover by John Romita Jr., maybe I should see what other great covers he created…”

In this blog, I have laid out and discussed my top collecting themes for rare comic books to look for. This isn’t your typical top ten list of ten individual rare comics to look for; instead, each theme will lead you to countless comic book collecting ideas. Below are pictures of some of the comics I discuss that fall under these themes, followed by the full theme list. Click any theme to jump into my discussion of that particular comic book collecting theme. Or start here from the beginning to read all themes: Rare Comics To Collect. Or view my companion slideshow.

Rare Comics To Look For

A sampling of rare comics to look for, that fall under the comic book collecting “themes” discussed in this blog.

Rare Comics To Look For — Themes


Classic Covers


Cover Swipes


Works of Art


Incentive Variants






Price Variants


Canadian Price Variants


Newsstand Editions


Stan Lee CGC Signature Series


CGC Signature Series (In General)


First Appearances


Overlapping Themes!


Condition / Grade

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