Rare Comics To Collect — Top 10 Themes

By Benjamin Nobel

This is a companion slideshow to my comic book collecting “manifesto.”  Other comic book “top ten” type lists will profile specific interesting or rare comics to collect, but I am taking it up a notch and giving you my top 10 themes, each of which will inspire ideas for rare comics to collect within each theme (and comic books that “overlap” themes too!).  Without further ado:

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I hope you have enjoyed this slideshow, entitled Rare Comics To Collect — Top 10 Themes. It is a “companion” to my longer post which goes into a more detailed discussion of each theme.  Below is a PDF you can download if you wish, and the individual slides below that.  Visit my rare comics home page for a list of my posts, and don’t miss my latest post about rare $3.99 Newsstand Editions and Newsstand Variants!

Happy Collecting! 🙂

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Rare Comics To Collect — Slides