Newsstand UPC Stickers

Slide from Newsstand Rarity Discussion & Estimates; discussion below.

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This slide is part of my post entitled
Newsstand Rarity Discussion & Estimates where I have collected quotes and graphics related to the discussion of relative newsstand rarity over the years, compared to direct edition copies. In this slide, I am discussing a quote from my Q&A with the seller of “The Doc Collection” (a large collection of 50,000 all-newsstand late modern comics):

Q) I’ve noticed some Doc listings where there’s a sticker over the UPC code, like the Wolverine #47 listing, I’m curious if you can tell what’s behind that sticker, i.e. is this maybe a case where there wasn’t a distinct print run of newsstand copies for that issue number and the distributor is using copies from the direct edition print run and covering up the UPC code with a sticker to get the right code onto it?

A) According to what I’ve been told when there was a mistake like with price instead of reprinting them, a sticker was placed on the comic! Along with the 47 I’ve found JLA 118 and Superman 677 had stickers also!! Even crazier is that there’s two different stickers for the Sup 677–I only have one of them!!”

What is particularly interesting to me about this exchange, is the idea that some newsstand batches were mistakes and the UPC codes were covered up by stickers. Might some issues not even have distinct newsstand copies, but have stickers slapped onto copies out of the direct edition print run? We see a similar phenomenon in the case of Spawn Batman where bookstores got copies out of the direct edition print run with white UPC code stickers slapped onto the back — yet it turns out that there was indeed a distinct batch of copies printed for the non-bookstore newsstand outlets as well for that issue. Lots of mystery and strange circumstances issue by issue with newsstand comics!

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