Newsstand Comics: Preferable Over Direct Edition

Slide from Newsstand Rarity Discussion & Estimates; discussion below.

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This slide is part of my post entitled
Newsstand Rarity Discussion & Estimates where I have collected quotes and graphics related to the discussion of relative newsstand rarity over the years, compared to direct edition copies. In this slide, I am sharing my own conclusion about newsstand desirability. Representing a smaller percentage of sales after the mid-1980’s, and then being purchased by a “mostly-reader-group,” surviving collectible-grade newsstand copies are very rare in contrast to collectible-grade direct edition copies. Therefore, given the opportunity to buy a Near Mint surviving copy out of one channel or the other at similar price, my preference is the newsstand copy hands down. As mentioned in another slide, during the mid-1980’s there’s also a cover price variant window where the higher cover price variants were the newsstand copies sent to Canada (which was 9.8% of the North American market for comic books by population size) — I prefer those newsstand variants when they exist. Another known cover price variant window where higher priced copies are a newsstand-only phenomenon is $3.99 newsstand editions.

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