“Bronze and Copper Age Marvel and to a lesser extent DC Type 1a Canadian cover price variants are now routinely selling for 150-400% Guide, and select CGC high grade key issues of popular characters have been bringing 400-2000% of guide; such books are at least 10 times scarcer due to low print runs. Canada’s population is about 10% of the US population, thus about 10% of all Print Runs are Canadian copies, however roughly 80% of the surviving copies are Direct Editions, bought in comic shops and saved by collectors. Most of the Newsstand editions were bought by non-collecting readers, with a much lower survival rate, and most are well read FA/G to FN/VF copies. Most VF/NM or better Type 1a Canadian Newsstand Cover Price Variants are 50 to 250 times Scarcer than their US Direct Market counterparts in high grade; randomly checking the CGC census will substantiate this for most items.” — Jon McClure, Overstreet Senior Advisor, writing in OPG #46

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In Overstreet #46, Senior Advisor Jon McClure discusses 1980’s Canadian price variants, their increasingly strong premiums in the marketplace, and the impact newsstand-exclusivity had on their rarity. McClure here estimates that roughly 80% of surviving copies are Direct Editions, and pegs surviving VF/NM-and-up Canadian newsstand comics at 50x to 250x scarcer than Direct Editions.

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