14% newsstand sales for Marvel in 1999

Slide from Newsstand Rarity Discussion & Estimates; discussion below.

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This slide is part of my post entitled
Newsstand Rarity Discussion & Estimates where I have collected quotes and graphics related to the discussion of relative newsstand rarity over the years, compared to direct edition copies. In this slide, I am discussing a quote about the 1999 Marvel newsstand sales percentage:

“When Jemas arrived at Marvel in 1999, newsstand sales were at 14%, according to the BPA’s audits for the first half of the year.”

— From The Business Of Content

What is particularly interesting to me about this quote, is that it reveals the newsstand versus direct edition sales percentages for 1999: at 14% newsstand, that would make it 86% direct edition. In another quote I’ll get to later in the discussion, Jemas described a Marvel decision from this time-frame to “walk away” from the newsstand.

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