Amazing Fantasy Pence Price Variant

A page from: Marvel & DC Pence Price Variant Issue Guide (2019)
By Benjamin Nobel, with research assistance from Stephen Cranch
Amazing Fantasy Pence Price Variant
Issue Baseline
2019 Value NM-
Pence Variant
Cover Price
On Census
(As of 11/13/18)
#15Silver Age Top 50 $375,000 9d
 Marvel, 9/1962  1st Appearances of Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Aunt May, Uncle Ben, and Flash Thompson; Origin of Spider-Man; Death of Uncle Ben
#1 in this year’s Silver Age Pence Price Variant Top 50.
Ben notes: Indicia reads 9/1962 on both regular copies and pence copies; however, the cover of regular copies reads “Aug” under the issue number while the month was omitted from the cover of the pence copies. As a result, CGC catalogs the regular copies with an 8/1962 census entry (going by the cover month) but meanwhile catalogs the pence copies with a 9/1962 census entry (going by the indicia). This gives the unfortunate false impression of the pence price variant being a later month reprint instead of a first print original.
Steve notes: Pence indicia contains regional distributor details; missing cover date.
Amazing Fantasy #15 Pence Price Variant Example Photo:
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Amazing Fantasy #15 Example Indicia Photos:


Pence (note Thorpe & Porter line at the bottom):

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